Predict journey times and passenger demand


The CitySwift platform

Use AI and machine learning to predict journey times and passenger demand

CitySwift is a cloud-native, data-driven technology platform for urban bus networks.

Operational information is combined with a vast array of big data sources to develop rich datasets that are unique to each bus network and location. Machine learning models are trained on this data to deliver highly accurate predictions.

The CitySwift platform consists of two products: SwiftMetrics delivers predictive business intelligence and SwiftSchedule automatically generates optimal bus schedules.



Predictive business intelligence

Create business intelligence dashboards that allow you to visualise network efficiency, predict future growth areas and track KPIs such as operating hours, load factor and passenger count.

  • Easily create and customise visually-rich dashboards
  • Track network efficiency and KPIs
  • Review historical data with deep-dive insights
  • Analyse mobility patterns to predict future trends and opportunities
  • Export information in a variety of formats
  • Integrate with your existing technology infrastructure


Optimal bus scheduling

Create optimised timetables that take into account traffic, events and hundreds of other external factors, ensuring on-time performance and increased passenger satisfaction.

  • Automatically generate new, optimised schedules
  • Monitor the efficiency of existing schedules
  • Accurately predict journey times and passenger demand
  • Customise schedules with route and stop constraints
  • Model multiple future scenarios
  • Integrate with your existing technology infrastructure


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