Drive efficiency, profitability and growth



Improve mass transit service quality and reduce operating costs

CitySwift makes mass transit more efficient.

The CitySwift transit data engine delivers insights and optimizations that improve network performance and increase passenger satisfaction, while reducing operating costs.

It offers a comprehensive range of benefits for schedule planners, transit operators and local government.

CitySwift for schedule planners

Reliably balance vehicle supply with passenger demand

Creating and updating bus schedules takes time – and the results can often be unreliable. CitySwift offers enhanced network planning with significantly reduced timescales. It will help you quickly create timetables that take into account external factors that affect performance, giving passengers confidence in your services.


Automatically generate optimized timetables

Create efficient, reliable timetables in a fraction of the time.

Accurately predict journey times

Predict how route timings will fluctuate by time of day, week or season.

Deliver on-time performance

Understand the effect traffic, weather and events will have on your routes, cycle times and ridership.

Track your metrics

Monitor detailed reliability, efficiency and ridership metrics – route-by-route and stop-by-stop.

CitySwift for transit operators

Increase service performance and grow your network

Consumers demand on-time performance and have an increasing choice of transport options. CitySwift provides a deeper understanding of transit network performance. It will help you deliver high service quality at the lowest possible cost, while understanding the business implications of any change to your schedules.


Generate more revenue

Ensure vehicles are available at the times and locations prospective passengers want to use them.

Improve network efficiency

Use big data and machine learning to optimize your network and reduce operating costs.

Make informed decisions

Get a deeper understanding of network performance with detailed reliability, efficiency and ridership metrics.

Predict future growth areas

Understand which parts of your operating area are likely to get busier – and why.

CitySwift for local government

Improve the quality and reliability of transit services

Mass transit must become more efficient. CitySwift delivers insights and optimizations that improve the quality and performance of transit services. It will help you understand current and future ridership – and ensure that it's adequately catered for.


Model service requirements

Evaluate and compare multiple scenarios with a full understanding of obligations and operational costs.

Optimize current supply

Intelligently match available vehicles with predicted ridership.

Reduce operating costs

Avoid wasting funds on unpopular routes and inefficient schedules.

Improve service quality

Analyze historical data to accurately predict journey times.

Why go cloud-native?

Cloud-native solutions offer significant benefits over software installed on-premise, including lower up-front costs, reduced investment in in-house support and enhanced security.

  • No need to install anything
  • Access from anywhere
  • Updates happen automatically
  • Data securely stored and backed up
Why go cloud-native?